Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Growing Bigger Everyday

Brayden is growing leaps and bounds. He is right around 15 lbs. Along with the added pounds has brought rolls and a double chin. At 3 months old that's a good thing!

The past 5 weeks have gone so fast. He is going to Mother's Day Out 3 times a week and loving it. His teacher tells me he doesn't like to sleep because he loves looking at everything. So that means a big nap in the afternoon for us...that's nice!

On October 4th our families joined us in dedicating Brayden at church. It was fun to have grandparents, great grandmas and aunts and uncles spend the day with. Grandma JoAnn made him a beautiful blanket and we were blessed with many other gifts.

He has also attended his first of many car shows. He loves being carried around in the baby bjorn so it was a good time had by all.

We are settling into a routine. Brayden's favorite part of the evenings is his bath with Dad. He loves splashing and playing. Dad gets wet every night, but it's worth it to see him have so much fun.

He is also getting so strong. He now holds his head upright and loves playing in his exersaucer. It lights up and he just smiles. We started introducing new toys each week and he has loved each one. His favorite is his talking/singing dog. He loves when the dog sings.

Bentley has been doing great. He loves Brayden and likes to give him kisses when he's playing on the floor. Bentley has also found a new game...chasing SQUIRRELS! It is funny to watch him dart out the door and run as hard as he can. Still hasn't caught any though. We need to start some training!

Fall has been great with our family.